Thursday, 27 September 2012

Pay Up, or be Kicked out of our club

Well, this is an interesting thing. There is a branch of a very large multinational company that operates in Germany that insists that you pay your dues or you will be barred from using the services of that company. Okay, pay to play. I can see the need for that to happen,

Except when it is your faith that demands it.

I thought that the catholic church was out there to be there for the people, to guide them towards salvation, to save their immortal souls. All over the world it seems that this is the over riding mandate of the catholic church. You go, you be with others who believe the same way you do, you get guidance and hope for the future. The only difference is that in Germany, if you don't pay the tax, the catholic church will shut you out.***

I appreciate that in their holy book, it says something about giving 10% of your wages but in theory, they hold Jesus of Nazareth as the Son of God. Every thing I have read in the bible, or seen depicted, or was preached to me by the catholic church, I do not recall the Jesus ever turned anyone away because they did not pay. In fact, I recall that Jesus frequently went to those who could not pay to give what comfort he could.

With all of the problems the catholic church is currently facing, adding this to the catholic population of Germany does not seem to be the best direction they could be taking

*** Taken from this source

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