Saturday, 29 September 2012

Dogs in my Taxi

Every once in a while I have a call come in and say "They have a dog - you OK with that?"

Now, technically I can say No, for any number of reasons but generally I don't mind having a canine in my car. Frequently they are better behaved than the person who brought them on board. I have never ever had one woof his cookies in my car.

One night I went to pick up some folks and was told about the dog. Great. I was having a lousy night and I figured it couldn't really get any worse. So I pull up and these 3 not to clean folks stagger up the the car and get in, followed by their doberman pincher. This dog crawled between the the two front seats and sat down on the passenger seat, tall and proud and just sat there. He was calm, cool and collected and absolutely the soul of decency. I decided that if the dog would vouch for his people, I would let them into my car.

As it turned out, I ended up picking these same people up and bringing them home about 2 hours later. They weren't any cleaner, nor any more sober but the dog vouched for them so I let them in. They paid up and life was good.

More stories for the front seat to follow.


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