Tuesday, 18 September 2012


As defined by Merriam-Webster online Dictionary:

a : structure carrying a pathway or roadway over a depression or obstacle
b : a time, place, or means of connection or transition

A very important structure, be it made of steel, wood, concrete or mutual respect. No matter what it is made of, a bridge can carry you over a river, across a chasm or to your next job. Building them takes a lot of planning, hard work and dedication. Burning them down can take a small word said at the wrong time.

When you leave a job, walk over that bridge with no hard feelings going in either direction. You never know when the person on the other side of that bridge will have something for you to look at. The best source of a new job is the person you just worked for.

Bridges, walk over them but don't burn them in your wake because you will never be able to go back.

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