Thursday, 27 September 2012

Censorship, let's be consistant

Censorship, one of the great evils in todays world. 
What is it "they" are so afraid of us to hear/see?
Hells Kitchen. In a one hour episode of that semi reality show you hear the censors hard at work, every other word out of Gordons mouth is "BEEP". Why is it so bad to hear the word fuck? Granted, listening to it being said as a stready stream of words is boring but what the hell is the big deal?

Movie time, lets see what is on the prime time movie... Commando, with Arnold "I'll be back" Schwarzenegger - a beautiful example of a body count flick. How many ways do the bad gugs get to die? Well lets see... apart from the basic multiple bullet holes through the chest there is...
  1. A thrown saw blade that slices off the top of some guys head.
  2. An axe swung up and into the groin - that one hurt just to watch
  3. Some guy catching a rocket with his teeth
  4. The final dead guy gets a hollow pipe rammed through his guts and into a steam pipe giving Arnie a great line "...let off some steam"
All of these deaths are complete with full sound effects and lots of bright red fluid everywhere. This is less harmfull to impressionable minds than hearing some lunitic brit screaming at a kitchen full of people who are paying to be berated in front of the whole world.

How about cartoons? Does anyone remember the original Bugs Bunny show? You know, when the anvil actually hit the coyote? Why is it that when you watch the very same show that the part with the anvil/coyote impact is edited out? What is with that? Especially when they can flip the channel and watch Homer choke out Bart, or Brian Griffin spanking Lois? 

These people who are running the CRTC really need to retract their craniums from their rectal cavity and start applying the same rules to everything or stop with the Mickey Mouse attempt to protect us from ourselves.

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