Thursday, 27 September 2012

Stupid people

Today I am going to rant about my third favorite subject - Stupid People

Hands up everybody, who here has seen a stupid person today? Come on, surely you have seen at least one - they are everywhere,  you don't have to look very hard.

Exhibit One: At the corner of Main and First st. The nice, smartly dressed, cleanly shaved business man walking down the street, lunch in one hand and a cell phone mashed into his ear with his other hand. You watch as he wanders down the middle of the walk, totally unaware of the the little old lady who had to hobble out of his way to avoid being run over. Totally uncaring of the two people he elbowed as he turned his body to cross the street. Totally unaware of the moving car he just walked in front of (at least he will feel it when he gets slammed to the pavement)

Exhibit Two: behind the wheel of her car, on the way to nowhere. Fluffing her hair (gotta have good hair) with her brand new Blackberry buzzing away beside her. Oh, its from my best girl friend, gotta read it. LOL, that was the funniest thing I have every read (as her fingers push those really small buttons) See you in....(message ends as she looks up from her toy in time to see the concrete median ruin the paint job and shorten the length of the car)

I don't know who said it first but it really is the best that can be said
"Every once in a while, the gene pool needs a good shot of chlorine"

Be well, and if you really can't see the stupid people out there, take steps to ensure it isn't you that other people are seeing

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