Sunday, 30 September 2012

Where are our tax dollars going?

Mr Harper September 2009, you promised to end tax breaks to big oil.

Since that point, you have given big oil more than $4 BILLION to big oil. Now, I appreciate supporting businesses that need a little help to keep them moving forward, that is part of being a socialist state. For the first quarter of 2011, Shell claimed a profit of $8 Billion. At that rate, for a year Shell would show a profit of $32B. Why are my tax dollars going to support a company that is obviously not in any financial distress?

 Over the 3 year period of the promise you have not honoured, $1.3B of our tax dollars could be going to do something helpful like, improving medical coverage or funding schools. Shell doesn't need my tax dollars, the over crowded school down the street does.

 Mr Harper, you made a promise to us, the people who elected you to office. When are you going to be a man and honour those promises?

 The counter that shows what we have given to big oil can be found here

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