Monday, 1 October 2012

Fox "News" apoligizes

Fox "News" is dreadfully sorry for the human error that lead to them broadcasting someone shooting themselves in the head after losing a car chase.
Does anyone out there really believe this was an error? Someone at Fox had 5 seconds to see what was happening and make a decision. "Holy F$#@, that will make people talk about us, AIR IT!" As the saying goes, there is no bad press.

About a third of the people who witnessed the shooting will be up in arms saying "OMG! How could Fox "News" show such an evil act, how could they exploit that poor man?"
Another third will be going "OH COOL! Did you see what Fox "News" showed? It was awesome!"
Everyone else will be saying "Oh yeah, Fox "News" did that, and your point is what?"
The point of the decision that was made is that Everyone will be talking about Fox "News".
There is no bad press here.

Putting aside the decision that was made, really, why is this such a big deal anyway? Some guy shot himself, so what. How many TV shows do you watch that has someone being killed as the main theme of the show? CSI, Bones, Dexter, the Mentalist, all shows where you see someone being shot, run over, hit with a base ball bat, cut open, all in very clear, up close, in your face colour. The producers of these shows take great pain and pride in the work they do to make these images as lifelike as they can and yet there is no hue and cry. Why is it that Dexter is acceptable with its IN YOUR FACE brutality when watching it live from 100 feet away isn't?

Come on, if it is so bad, just stop watching it - of course that will mean you will have to stop watching about 90% of all electronic media. That might just be a good thing for you, that is until someone finds a way to have that cause cancer in laboratory rats.

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