Friday, 16 November 2012

And the Winner is....

Johnny, let's show the contestant what he won.
Well, behind the door is ...A BRAND NEW JOB!!! (much clapping from the studio audience)

Sometimes my life really does feel like a game show but for today at least, I am okay with it.
A little back story is in order.

Last April I retired from the Royal Canadian Navy and began to live life as a civilian again - man, I thought is was tough being a sailor, this civilian crap is way worse <g>. After 20 years, I acquired a few skills, a few interesting ways to look at life and a few friends. One of these friends called my up and told me of a position that was needing a warm, friendly and totally awesome computer tech. Since I fit all three qualifications, I wandered myself down to the person who managed that chair, smiled and said, "Look no further, I am here." It turned out that the manager was someone who I worked with in the closing days of my military career, someone I got along with very well. He was happy and he knew it so he clapped his hands. He dragged me around the shop and introduced me to the rest of the crowd, all of whom used to work at the same location at the same time as I did. We were all happy and we all knew it, so we all clapped our hands. (isn't life grand?)

The manager set to find a way to get me into his shop. He looked and looked and looked some more and finally he found  a way. I was hired as a temporary casual for 4.5 months (micky mouse government  crap). Sweet, an relatively easy job, great people to work with, lots of learning, and my pension to boot.

After 3 months of proving myself to be indispensable, I started making noise about how to keep me there forever. I mean, there was a legitimate position for me, I had the skills and attitude that made me fit beautifully into that spot so what is the problem here? Oh, I see, more micky mouse government crap. Well, the boss swears on a stack of used RAM modules that he will find a way. Two days before my contract was up he found that way. He would post the position for a Class B Reservist.

A Class B Reservist eh? Hmmmm, well, when I retired I did transfer myself to the Supplementary Holding Reserve so I should be able to transfer myself back, yes? A quick call to Ottawa confirmed my suspicions so great, transfer me! No, can't just do that. The position has to be posted for 30 days and then we have to interview everyone who applies and then all of the administration can happen.
Gah! Okay, the last time you did this, how many people applies for it?

A: 20
B: 10
C:  5
D: None of the above
Correct answer D.

Right now, how many people are jumping up and down wanting to do it, proven that they can do it, and have had customers say just how great that person is?

Oh, only 1?

What is the question here? Slap a uniform on him, tell him to park his butt in the chair and get to work. How hard is this to figure out? As it turns out, the manager would love nothing more than to make it that easy but no, it can not be. The proper forms must be filled out, the proper timing must be met. IT MUST BE SO!

And SO it was. The manager filled out the forms, said it must be 30 days until he could begin to make an answer and I sat there, waiting.

That was yesterday. Today is day 31. Having just called, I now know that my application on his desk, my application and all of the other ones. Errr, it appears that there were no other applications. Well, that will make his job of choosing a little bit easier.

Now, I just have to wait for Johnny to roll my prize out from behind the door


  1. Thanks
    Now just gotta make sure the machines that make this all happen keep on working properly